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how are people playing online already? (Archived)
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Why wouldn't you use Ghost? (Archived)
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pay 20 extra dollars for only 1 extra map? (Archived)
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Who would win in a fight captain woods or captain price (Poll)iamjosh308211/11/2012
Wow... this game comes out tomorrow. (Archived)Government_Food211/11/2012
when do embargos get lifted. (Archived)Help_One211/11/2012
For those that have it, are the gun mechanics closer to MW3 or BO? (Archived)Hyrulesaver123611/11/2012
There has to be a Zombies easter egg in Tranzit....Right? (Archived)
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PHd Flopper in Black Ops II? (Archived)Lil_Ze411/11/2012
I haven't read or watched anything about BLOPS II... (Archived)lancielegend311/11/2012
in case you were wondering about the MP challenges (Archived)JTC87511/11/2012
Midnight release question (Archived)
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More Mobility=Less Recoil? (Archived)sickie09ismine511/11/2012
Question about picking up pre orderd copys (Archived)
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So, who's just strolling in to WalMart at 12:01am and picking this up tomorrow? (Archived)
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What Map are you most excited for ? (Archived)NeonYoshi11811/11/2012
Dubstep confirmed, preorder cancelled. (Archived)
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Why the hell were Sleight of Hand and Steady Aim removed? (Archived)UltimaXOmega511/11/2012
Will BO2 bring back AI in offline multiplayer? (Archived)Bridge_Hanson511/11/2012
I thought panic knifing was removed (Archived)
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