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DLC Drop #4 Zombies only??? (Archived)Lennox_GOAT811/11/2012
No points for shooting down air support? (Archived)
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does this have a co-op campaign? (Archived)LaLiLuLeLoSnake311/11/2012
Does using extended mags increase ur starting rounds? (Archived)burdi1ar611/11/2012
Are a lot of people using Target Finder/MMS scopes? Also, MTAR or Type 25? (Archived)r3flexx911/11/2012
I hope the suppressor actually has a drawback in this one (Archived)
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This is a good read. (Archived)
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Net Shark1611/11/2012
League play question (Archived)zeroshadow7211/11/2012
finally got a good connection (Archived)GravyButt111/11/2012
m27 in Zombies? (Archived)KiwiKid980111/11/2012
I order it yesterday, will i get on tuesday? (Archived)RaTedRoGeR511/11/2012
so I was watching a stream last night... (Archived)Masterpie3000711/11/2012
So I was looking forward to the MTAR... (Archived)SteveBob511/11/2012
BLACK OPS II. XBOX 360. U ready to FINISH THE FIGHT? (Archived)BroadwayGPU811/11/2012
Nuketown Live Zombies (Archived)tactikz4311/11/2012
Who here remembers Grandma's house? (Archived)
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So I heard you can PaP twice now... (Archived)Speedmaster1225611/11/2012
On the fence... skipped MW3 (Archived)
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Why are the maps so much smaller than in GTA5? (Archived)
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Will I get NUketown 2025 if I preorder this game from Bestbuy in the bundle? (Archived)iliveforlife411/11/2012
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