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So what's actually new mp wise that makes it worth getting? (Archived)Senden811/11/2012
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Watching the streams it seems this game will disappoint. (Archived)
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Let's discuss our feelings about BO 2 now, and then predict future feelings. (Archived)
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How do scorestreaks work? (Archived)MrMonkhouse811/11/2012
If I'm a Founder on Xbox... (Archived)Xepoa811/11/2012
Do you think this game will be so realistic that the.... (Archived)-SERPICO_711/11/2012
I pay $80 for Nuketown Zombies only (Archived)
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One of the funnest missions was when you play (slight spoilers) (Archived)venom_is_back111/11/2012
It feels like they couldn't decide on the gore leve. (Archived)venom_is_back111/11/2012
Do you agree they trick, scam and cheat us with Black Ops 2 ? (Archived)
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Interesting information (old) (Archived)shipitshep1111/11/2012
How much does Gamestop give me if I trade in Black Ops 2? (Archived)
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Does Scavenger start u out with extra ammo? (Archived)burdi1ar411/11/2012
This guy claims the game comes with Nuketown 24/7 (Archived)
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If you are still on the fence about buying black op2 (Archived)
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