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Challenged accepted, 2nd prestige by Friday.
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How long does an average round take to finish?MrMonkhouse511/11/2012
Anyone know the best place to get the Care Package Edition?FlipManV3411/11/2012
What are the "League" playlists?dorime311/11/2012
Anybody who complains about the "hit detection" in any game is badNordini711/11/2012
So im bored right now... Amaze me with a link to the best footage...Dark Vaporeon911/11/2012
Any Sniper that resembles the power, and ROF of the M21 back in MW2?zerooo0211/11/2012
So, just another sprayfest huh.Linctagon7711/11/2012
I don't understand how some can honestly say...Jimm3rF3rdette811/11/2012
What scorestreaks are you planning on using?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What are the names of the new Zombies characters?(SPOILERS)UltimaXOmega711/11/2012
How do you unlock these camos?UltimaXOmega511/11/2012
when to go set up camp for mid night release
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Combat Training questionSabrewolf1377911/11/2012
Gametrailers sounds like they are ready to give Black Ops II game of the year9inchesDeep111/11/2012
Only real downside I've heard of MP so far
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I just downgraded my preorder to the standard editon, originally preordered hardchickenlard211/11/2012
video showing you can pack a punch twice (nuketown zombies)v_Sly_v511/11/2012
what happened to the throwing knife?JTC87811/11/2012
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