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I miss the "War" game mode from World at War. :(Quiet_Noise811/11/2012
Are Mountain Dew or any other companies doing double xp?Throwed11311/11/2012
You know what Black Ops 2 needs more of? (/disappointed)r3flexx211/11/2012
So does this game reward you for prestiging in previous games?LoveLightning911/11/2012
How is it possible many people have the game and playing MP already?!Macdaddyruss1711/11/2012
can you buy the season pass after release?HeyItsZant311/11/2012
are the xray turtle beach a rebaged xp400mdsniper7111/11/2012
The Lodestar makes the reaper look like a childs toy.LaFarina511/11/2012
2 days...Blazero22211/11/2012
any casts today????thegame93511/11/2012
IGN reviews- Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (parody)
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I can't justify buying any of the DLC when they get crammed into a dead playlistPathlessBullet611/11/2012
Troma emblem request? (weird i know)LtZagorski1211/11/2012
Any videos of league play?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DLC Drop #4 Zombies only???Lennox_GOAT811/11/2012
No points for shooting down air support?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
does this have a co-op campaign?LaLiLuLeLoSnake311/11/2012
Does using extended mags increase ur starting rounds?burdi1ar611/11/2012
Are a lot of people using Target Finder/MMS scopes? Also, MTAR or Type 25?r3flexx911/11/2012
I hope the suppressor actually has a drawback in this one
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