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I'm glad I'm not as 'into CoD' as some of you. (Archived)
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Servers are up, but they will be resetting stats (Archived)
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People have their copies, but very useless information posted. (Archived)MrMonkhouse611/10/2012
"What happens when the enemy steals the keys?" (Archived)PathlessBullet311/10/2012
Where are the big numbers? (Archived)-Jammo-311/10/2012
Camo challenges/unlock list anyone? (Archived)
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Anybody who has the game: Worth it for zombies alone? (Archived)Fricken_Oatmeal611/10/2012
Name something associated with Call of Duty.. (Archived)
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What is your favorite killstreak from all the CoDs? (Poll)
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So you don't have to pre-order to get Nuketown? (Archived)TheKyubi711/10/2012
Inb4 the servers crash and barely work for the first 1-2 weeks the game's out (Archived)Krazoa21011/10/2012
Was really hoping for a AK47 (Archived)
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Why are so many people complaining about UAV spam NOW? (Archived)
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Pre-ordered my copy of Bloops (Archived)12AndWhatIsThis311/9/2012
Black Oops = GOTY (Archived)YonicBoom311/9/2012
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2 all noobs who dont 360 no scope (Archived)Turtlebread311/9/2012
Scorestreak points? (Archived)FusionC1011/9/2012
The first few days of this game are gonna be insane. (Archived)
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For those who have this and played mp (Archived)pyrokinesis666611/9/2012