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To the people trying to get a Hardened Edition copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Archived)Garrafan711/10/2012
So seriously...how are they balancing select fire? (Archived)SteveBob911/10/2012
Jeez already a patch. (Archived)LaFarina711/10/2012
This is officially the CoD with the dumbest AI (Archived)venom_is_back911/10/2012
Can I play Nuketown Zombies by myself? Or is it part of Grief mode only? (Archived)zerooo0111/10/2012
Is CoD better/ more fun on the Xbox or PS3 (Archived)
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Been watching vids... Something I've noticed about CoD commentators... (Archived)
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So far.... (Archived)
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why is there no successful COD PODCASTS?!? (Archived)NinjaDeath911611/10/2012
A Blops 2 Stream (Archived)ulockon511/10/2012
For Those Ordering From Best Buy... (Yes I Stole Thread Title) (Archived)JonJonFTW211/10/2012
I was dissapointed this game didn't have a crazy good teaser like BO1 (Archived)Nordini311/10/2012
There aint no midnight release like a call of duty (Archived)Chrono_teeth711/10/2012
Tactical Insertion Question (Archived)Silver17411/10/2012
Do anyone know if the galil is in this game? (Archived)darealest47611/10/2012
For people who are playing now .... (Archived)qc__guardian911/10/2012
I Defend Treyarch...And This Is What Happens (Archived)JonJonFTW1011/10/2012
I'm surprised you guys are so cool headed about Rapid Fire (Archived)
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Nuketown Zombies Gameplay video (Archived)
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i see that Treyarch is still scared to show ONLINE footage. (Archived)
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