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Someone explain this ghost "nerf " to me (Archived)Lord_TenseEye411/10/2012
Guns in this game aren't futuristic enough. (Archived)
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Full List of when you unlock stuff in MP (Archived)
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How is Combat Training AI Difficulty compared to BO1? (Archived)wilmer007511/10/2012
Dual play (Archived)Andrew_Ryann711/10/2012
I'm so glad that Treyarch actually made the LMGs well LMGs this time (Archived)
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question about nuketown 2025 (Archived)v_Sly_v311/10/2012
If you don't go straight for B in Domination you're automatically trash (Archived)
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Nuketown is like aids (Archived)
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heads up delta team (Archived)Heroicmedic92411/10/2012
Lol @ people raging over ghost being neutered (Archived)
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They should have an option to check if you don't want to host. (Archived)chickenlard711/10/2012
Question about Nuketown (Archived)POWERSLAVE_8151011/10/2012
Uav really? (Archived)
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I don't know why, but I'm shocked at how slow this board is. (Archived)pdizzles125311/10/2012
Looking to get a router to help my connection (Archived)r3flexx311/10/2012
Anyone skeptical about the game now that early copy people have been disappointe (Archived)
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Any recent AN-94 gameplay? (Archived)Cursedsasuke176311/10/2012
Which attachment or perk will be the most overused in a month or so (Archived)pyrokinesis666311/10/2012
Multiplayer Livestream ! (Archived)celtic_bhoy67111/10/2012
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