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Multiplayer Livestream ! (Archived)celtic_bhoy67111/10/2012
Unfathomable jealousy. (Archived)
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I hope they reset stats (Archived)brakilvert611/10/2012
how many people are playing black ops 1 right now (Archived)pyrokinesis666311/10/2012
Changes that you like so far (Archived)sulkythefish311/10/2012
You have been lied to!!!! (Archived)
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it seems like you die REALLY fast in this one (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
quickscope (Archived)
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So I'm watching PKA, and..... (Archived)The_Exposer611/10/2012
Game looks futuristic.. (Archived)Epic_Bear_Guy211/10/2012
Kids: Break your Black Ops II disk and go buy a wii (Archived)9inchesDeep811/10/2012
Those who already played BO2 would recommend buying it?? (Poll)
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Worrying that I may not have gotten the HE of bo2. (Archived)
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I just fired up some COD4.... (Archived)firehawk1995811/10/2012
Fun fact about gamefaqs and the COD franchise...please read (Archived)jasonkingmark911/10/2012
Grief Mode Gameplay (Archived)pdizzles1251011/10/2012
Anyone else play campaign like you're playing multiplayer? (Archived)dustin614211/10/2012
What's new in Black Ops 2 MP? (Archived)CrossFire245311/10/2012
Your embarrassing CoD screw ups (Archived)
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Wait, so Tranzit doesn't let you play through the whole town? (Archived)Cursedsasuke176211/10/2012
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