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Where are the best spots on each map to attempt longshots? (Archived)
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Any word if Double XP is getting extended due to XBL and servers being down? (Archived)SIvIart_USMC44/14/2013
Double weapon XP is much better than double XP (Archived)lexussss54/14/2013
Why did they get rid of hardcore capture the flag? (Archived)
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search and destroy challenges take FOREVER (Archived)ThugLife24724/14/2013
C/D People make Black Ops 2 seem A LOT worse than it actually is (Archived)
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It's got to be some form of glitch or something (Archived)Ivany200814/14/2013
What are the Best Maps in Black Ops 2? (Archived)Parkcityfan34/14/2013
I mean, are they serious with the PDW? (Archived)
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My father went 37-3 with a Target Finder LMG on Nuketown. (Archived)CantShakeMe104/14/2013
Damn you real life... (Archived)
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New Video: Demonstration of LMGs in close range cleaning house (Archived)Cow King54/14/2013
Screw this game (Archived)Irishluck1844/14/2013
Realistic future CoD perks (Archived)GL17CH84/14/2013
party up pls (Archived)
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Who's trying to team up (Archived)
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Servers down (Archived)
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Why do I always get matched up with bad team mates in the lobby? (Archived)timilayas9934/14/2013
Know whats fun? Playing the swat as a dual class. (Archived)dioxxys54/14/2013
What the hell man...We better get another Double XP weekend next week (Archived)
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Matrix is poo214/14/2013