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Any other female gamers here? (Archived)
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The map pack has left an Uprising in my pants (Archived)XxOblivion7794/16/2013
Is this a lag issue ? (Archived)phil272624/16/2013
Where the hell did Nuketown go? (Archived)jamejame104/16/2013
oMG!!!!! (Archived)F_H_Nukem24/16/2013
Are there any remakes in Black Ops 2 ? (Archived)Sephiroth970434/16/2013
So how's the DLC? (Archived)Ninja_Aver24/16/2013
please dont complain about target finders. you shouldnt make fun of the blind (Archived)SupremeArticle44/16/2013
I need Hardwired to stop the Red Squares from disappearing (Archived)Antipikachu24/16/2013
My word, TDM players are bad. (Archived)
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HOLY CRAP! They put a lot of effort in Mob of the Dead! (Archived)DepreceV244/16/2013
I'm having trouble adjusting back to core.. (Archived)MaDHat24/16/2013
That one corner on Studio (Firing Range) (Archived)I_Got_Rhythm34/16/2013
I honestly forgot how bad this game is (Archived)
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Looking for 3 fellow Zombie slayers to help me out on Alcatraz (Archived)Disflex614/16/2013
When will the Uprising DLC come into normal rotation? (Archived)I_End_Zombies74/16/2013
need 48 hour code (Archived)
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Turn left, guy comes from right, die. Turn right, guy comes from left, die. (Archived)
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Screamer in Mob of The Dead (Archived)unsafermike200214/16/2013
Not Rendering Other Players, AKA Where Did He Come From? (Archived)cbc7214/16/2013