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New demonic announcer... (Archived)XOmegaProphetX24/16/2013
so doing annoying stuff in CoD = prisoner's dilemma, right? (Archived)angrybirdsdude14/16/2013
How's Mob of the Dead? (Archived)Wholegrainey34/16/2013
Worst DLC in the History of Videogames since Tetris / IK++ / Zac McKracken? (Archived)
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So disappointed with Vertigo. (Archived)webbc9924/16/2013
New maps in hc mode? (Archived)Brewdaddy54/16/2013
I want to play this, but... (Archived)mac0880114/16/2013
Opening scene for Mob of the Dead (Archived)davidthedawg63934/16/2013
vertigo is awesome i went 35-10 first time and i loved the feel of the map (Archived)SupremeArticle74/16/2013
How get? (Archived)thesageunowknow34/16/2013
I do die if I touch the new lava slash magma? (Archived)DDP88694/16/2013
map pack (Archived)Pittfan8654/16/2013
Did they update the achievements (Archived)crshovrr34/16/2013
I hate Black Ops 2 yet I post on the Black Ops 2 board all day! (Archived)TheRisingSon34/16/2013
Want 3 people for mob of the dead (Archived)Otisofro14/16/2013
Are the new maps good? (Archived)
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How do I get the ac unit in mob of dead?! (Archived)L0Z24/16/2013
They really should have the wildcard: Lust (Archived)
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who in the right mind would buy firing range (Archived)SupremeArticle64/16/2013
Is Studio basically Firing Range or exactly Firing Range? (Archived)Mr_Awesomeness164/16/2013
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