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The New Maps Suck (Archived)
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Unfriendly Gamer (Archived)Sugiyeul84/16/2013
wow, fhis video was prettyeye opening: How much would CoD cost IRL in one day? (Archived)Teh_5_Starz44/16/2013
HA! I totally called it right from the start (zombies) (Archived)krazykiwikid64/16/2013
Two questions (Archived)
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Uprising Domination, anybody? (Archived)Disflex634/16/2013
Reconnecting to Party (Archived)Inadvertant44/16/2013
Big Scorestreaks (Archived)
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They're bringing back Firing Range but what does it matter without the elite CoG (Archived)BS_Infinite64/16/2013
I wish all the new zombie maps were as big as Tranzit. (Archived)Sega959944/16/2013
Need people for mob of the dead EE (Archived)amicone998774/16/2013
Imagine if you found a copy of Call of Duty in your choco Easter egg this year (Archived)reptileegg24/16/2013
dlc discount (Archived)mac0880114/16/2013
Ever just have a really bad session? (Archived)LordofBallyhoo24/16/2013
Gunfights (Archived)IronWarrior2664/16/2013
worth buying? (Archived)Pittfan8684/16/2013
Juggernaut in Cell Block (Grief)? (Archived)JeffreyVazquez14/16/2013
This game has the worst gun diversity of any CoD (Archived)
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What's a Mexican's favorite Call of Duty game mode? (Archived)Gallis_OTK74/16/2013
so why do people hate shotgun users? (Archived)
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