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What the hell man...We better get another Double XP weekend next week (Archived)
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C/D: Black Ops 1 was the most boring CoD (Archived)
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I heard some mum saying "put the knives and forks on the table" (Archived)
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A True Addict's Goodbye Letter to Call of Duty (Enjoy) (Archived)
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Baseball and Search and Destroy (Poll)
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are servers still down (Archived)
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This has got to be the worst CoD in history (Archived)
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C/D this game is a lot better then people make it seem (Archived)ShotgunSilencer44/14/2013
C/D This game isn't that bad, but the community makes it bad (Archived)maleman2444/14/2013
Is the msmc still the best smg (Archived)pyrokinesis66654/14/2013
I no longer give a crap about k/d (Archived)
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