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Damn had most of the plane parts together can't find the power (Archived)shadowstrike60044/16/2013
Season pass - How to download Uprising? (Archived)thazipper94/16/2013
Uprising Zombies Map (Archived)Rizzman11154/16/2013
Holy mob (Archived)CODurb14/16/2013
I can't wait till I get diamond camo for my smgs (Archived)White_Knight_0134/16/2013
How is it that 3 gun shots in the chest does not kill someone (Archived)
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All I need is 50 more kills with my DSR. (Archived)
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How annoying is it when you can't mount? (Archived)
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l HATE NUKETOWN!!! Wallbanging'em. TFLMGFMJstatus (Archived)SevenDayCandle24/16/2013
Download difference (Archived)CODurb14/16/2013
Dlc up (Archived)
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I just got my first gold gun. (Archived)SIvIart_USMC94/16/2013
Terrible Teammates (Archived)Mitchach024/16/2013
Ugh mob of the dead is a joke (Archived)WhiteAngel5034/16/2013
So what time eastern does uprising come out? (Archived)BansheeNTDmode54/16/2013
Next perma unlock, C4, or SMR? (Archived)SamuelElJackson74/16/2013
What noob moves have you done recently? (Archived)SevenDayCandle24/16/2013
I have a story to tell. (Archived)Soul_On_Display94/16/2013
whats the price for the Uprising dlc? (Archived)fizzle222254/16/2013
Calling *Hardcore* (Non-Trytards) (K.D .35 - .95) (Archived)
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