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New Mob of the Dead footage! (Archived)Dark_Dash9924/15/2013
The next dlc pack should take place underwater (Archived)woolays104/15/2013
The Skorpion Evo is my last SMG (Archived)
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Instead of another topic saying "Call of Duty Sucks" Tell me why it's worth $60 (Archived)
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i was dumb (Archived)shawtbusdrvr64/15/2013
Anybody wanna play a few games? (Archived)ONeillz113014/15/2013
Im having more fun not using the best equipment and caring about stats (Archived)2200rms24/15/2013
Do yourself a favour and..... (Archived)booster_killaz14/15/2013
I lol at anyone..... (Archived)Lexx294/15/2013
ITT: I suggest an Executioner fix and you guys do what you do.. (Archived)
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mob of the dead has a grief mode map (Archived)spartansbrother14/15/2013
took the L's in this lobby (Archived)ReggieBush0964/15/2013
10,000 Executioner Kills (Archived)
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Zombies (Archived)Nv_Murda_85954/15/2013
Eyes in the sky calling card? (Archived)EpicSpud9964/15/2013
How did you guys spend today not being able to play online? (Archived)
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Clan for league play? (Archived)Pigfarts34/15/2013
Anyone up for Mob of the Dead when it releases? (Archived)
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Wow, the MP7 is great (Archived)
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Putting Select Fire on the Skorpion EVO is like the Spanish Inquisition... (Archived)
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