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So I told the enemy, "Why Vtol? Dogs are better" (Archived)Cow King74/7/2013
i'm so sick of foul mouthed squeakers (Archived)
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Mob of the Dead behind the scenes discussion! (Archived)Tehshankers123444/7/2013
The Vector is a great gun... (Archived)MrArmageddon8104/7/2013
How do people jump 3 feet in the air? (Archived)
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The killcams for car explosions are insanely fun to watch (fun vid) (Archived)vicsua78964/7/2013
Customize Your "Combat Knife"? (Archived)
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mob of the dead (Archived)BF3PL4Y3R194/7/2013
This game is great, shoot I went 12-54 in KC, but yo! (Archived)Rastalicious24/7/2013
Scorpion with laser sight and scavenger is unstoppable.... (Archived)
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Black Worm is getting youtube bucks, what's your excuse? (official excuse topic) (Archived)
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Is this any good? (Archived)
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I was pwning this team so much they specifically target me. 71-6 kill/death (Archived)
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League Play players. (championship mainly) Read my rant i left on the LP Board (Archived)
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Am I the only guy who only leaves in the event of SEVERE lag? (Archived)
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So who are YOU rooting for in the CoD Championship match? (Poll)Teh_5_Starz94/7/2013
Most Satisfying Moments (Archived)Alecterum34/7/2013
Looking for good players to get trip cap medal, i want dom master challenge (Archived)Purely_Luck54/7/2013
Anybody here misses Harrier Strike, and Emergency Airdrop from MW2? (Archived)
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If i do the Fresh Start, do I lose the emblems that I created? (Archived)
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