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How do you approve of David Vonderhaar's job performance? (Poll)
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I lost 150 ladder points by playing 4 masters with only 1 other person... (Archived)SevenDayCandle104/11/2013
What's with the ADS function on shotties? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
why is double xp the week before DLC? Remember when it was a week long? (Archived)NinjaDeath91174/11/2013
Does anyone good/cool still play this? (Archived)angrybirdsdude34/11/2013
party up? (Archived)GameMaster14GM44/11/2013
What's the point of calling it a Silencer? The enemy can still hear the gunfire (Archived)
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Great now you can get reported (Archived)
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GFAQs CTF Team (Archived)Disflex634/11/2013
There should be a 'number of rage quits induced' stat (Archived)Ninja_Aver94/11/2013
I got about 3 hitmarkers on someone and on the killcam I barely damaged him (Archived)timilayas9984/11/2013
If you ever need somebody for Dom, add me? Also, party up? (Archived)Undy_B74/11/2013
New MotD trailer (Archived)fitbikeco10104/11/2013
Can't wait to get my razer sabertooth controller for COD (Archived)
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Looking for players to help complete the Die Rise Easter Egg tonight. (Archived)jhslam1174/11/2013
I'm taking a break, got outgunned by a KAP-40 and I had a Death Machine... (Archived)SevenDayCandle74/11/2013
Do people really 'get good' mid game or does the connection go funky? (Archived)SevenDayCandle14/11/2013
Prestige Beyond Master? (Archived)
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Little pro tip for your controller (free and legal!) (Archived)ZenzokukenX44/11/2013
Anyone up for some league play tonight (Archived)LBluFalconL24/11/2013
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