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I was pwning this team so much they specifically target me. 71-6 kill/death (Archived)
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League Play players. (championship mainly) Read my rant i left on the LP Board (Archived)
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Am I the only guy who only leaves in the event of SEVERE lag? (Archived)
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So who are YOU rooting for in the CoD Championship match? (Poll)Teh_5_Starz94/7/2013
Most Satisfying Moments (Archived)Alecterum34/7/2013
Looking for good players to get trip cap medal, i want dom master challenge (Archived)Purely_Luck54/7/2013
Anybody here misses Harrier Strike, and Emergency Airdrop from MW2? (Archived)
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If i do the Fresh Start, do I lose the emblems that I created? (Archived)
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Convince me that UAV-CUAV-Lightning Strike isn't the best streak set-up (Archived)
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sentry guns on CTF are BS (Archived)
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Wait, wait, wait! Zombies has a plot? (Archived)Abefikus07104/7/2013
Game keeps freezing (Archived)2006_24/7/2013
What's Your Most Annoying Death? (Archived)
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Target vehicles with your scorestreaks for extra points (Archived)fatclemenza54/7/2013
Upcoming DLC map thoughts (Archived)
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Just got put into a losing TDM with a score of 71-0 (Archived)CommanderF9agy54/7/2013
Mp5, M16, Mp40, uMp, Model 1887, faMas, Mp7, fMgs, MsMc, M8a1: nerf the letter M (Archived)
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What's the best perk in the game? (Poll)
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Is this game good? (Archived)TIGERJACKS0N-24/7/2013
How many games will perma jug last? (Archived)BLAZE_92X94/7/2013