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Streaks should cost more points the longer it takes you to earn them (Archived)Jonnywestside64/9/2013
What if there were some "aura" type perks? (Archived)
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What would/could you do to make weapon and perk balance perfect? (Archived)parkourboybryan74/9/2013
Mob of the Dead - the best zombies map ever? (Archived)jimhalpert78964/9/2013
What type of maps to you like? Traits list inside. (Archived)
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Looking for TDM league play regulars??? (Archived)fleadog274/9/2013
Gameplay Analysis featuring player BDaught, playing HQ on Nuketown (Archived)Aceroth914/9/2013
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Does the Map Packs Playlist have Search and Destroy game mode? (Archived)UnknownWin44/9/2013
What classes do you use for CTF, and pointers on mine? (Archived)EmperorCarnate34/9/2013
Got 4 VSATs in a row in care packages. (Archived)Ollie The Magic Bum104/9/2013
They just released a 5 minute limit DEMO of new zombie map. Go check it out! (Archived)maxthef1asher74/9/2013
i got killed by the luckiest Sniper shot in cod history. Video (Archived)
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theres more paybacks than total kills? (Archived)ThugLife24744/9/2013
So jnasty RQ recently and is now streaming (Archived)
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Theater mode ruined ths game series imo (Archived)
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Best headset $120 or less? (Archived)Truplaya0564/9/2013
What causes my screen to look different from what the 'game says happened'? (Archived)
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Game messing up atm? No stats being recorded (Archived)thazipper14/9/2013
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