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I frisbee'd a Betty across the map and it hit someone and killed them. (Archived)
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I was just killed by my own emp grenade.....? (Archived)Abefikus0794/10/2013
I thought Treyarch didn't want Nuketown 24/7 in this game (Archived)
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Hybrid Optic vs RDS? What do you choose? I got called a noob :(. (Archived)
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The Lodestar's fire rate is much faster than I thought (Archived)The_IcecreamMan94/10/2013
ITT: Post your favorite thing that BO2 offers that other CoDs do not (Archived)XxOblivion7794/10/2013
Is there a way to grab your BO2 emblem as a .jpg image for your computer? (Archived)CommanderF9agy64/10/2013
Is it possible to play S&D without muting everyone? (Archived)
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Should I buy the Map Pack next week or use that money for Defiance? (Archived)
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S&D SPM Question. (Archived)
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Is the Select fire M8A1 still good? (Archived)timilayas99104/10/2013
Is the game still a random lag fest? (Archived)
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after you watched the uprising dlc trailer... (Archived)
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So this update has no Gun nerfs or random fixes other than what we know? (Archived)XT3M384/10/2013
C/D: Call of Duty MLG Tourneys should play these 3 game modes (Read in-topic) (Archived)
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Patch? (Archived)TyrantKnight64/10/2013
They fixed that minor glitch involving weapon prestige and multiple class sets. (Archived)CommanderF9agy14/10/2013
Treyarch are pro trolls. (Archived)I_End_Zombies44/10/2013
Your favorite game type (Archived)
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C/D you die alot from overestimating stupid players (Archived)
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