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How many games will perma jug last? (Archived)BLAZE_92X94/7/2013
They should replace the combat knife with a Butterfly Knife. (Archived)
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Treyach needs to patch the Sentry Gun shooting through **** (Archived)
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So, I'm reading through the topics on this board and: (Archived)EmperorCarnate54/7/2013
Modern Warfare 4 + Black Ops 3 will be Dead on the Durango due to Always On DRM! (Archived)
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Did the stealth buff the grip? Im doing some wall tests with the lsw here... (Archived)
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So there really is no point in prestiging? (Archived)
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Maybe the lack of a gun in Uprising means there will be gun microtransactions? (Archived)
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Why do people still quickscope with snipers when the KSG does it so much better? (Archived)Gallis_OTK54/7/2013
double exp on the 19th? (Archived)
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Pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles are all overpowered in this game (Archived)
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Is it bad that I... (Archived)Artemis78744/7/2013
did a reset yall (Archived)MasterSplinterW64/7/2013
how do I become good at BLops 2? (Archived)ReggieBush0974/7/2013
"Nostalgia" Map Pack (Archived)
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This is where it started and ended at the same time. (Archived)ajko00044/7/2013
Who would like to play zombies? (Archived)mightymike203514/7/2013
How many months out did they add new prestiges in MW3? (Archived)
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Hardcore SnD: Choose a Perk1 or a Lethal? (Archived)SinCityKid64/6/2013
I want to play League. (Archived)
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