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I've had 1 teammate out of 10 games go positive. (Archived)
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Teaching 10 years olds a lesson (Archived)
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Bad tryhard! BAD! (Archived)
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Is it possible to find a lobby that doesn't have 4+ quickscopers in it? (Archived)SevenDayCandler96/15 8:31AM
The B23R is the fourth best gun in the game. (Archived)
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I love worm campers. (Archived)SevenDayCandler106/12 10:45AM
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How do i know if i played enough... (Archived)
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Played a guy name xXMr GutsyXx (Archived)SevenDayCandler16/10 9:21PM
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Been trying for Ballista bloodthirsties forever... (Archived)
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