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Does anyone have a spare Nuketown Zombies code? (Archived)XLegendKillerX81/26/2013
Dragonfire needs 5 EMPs now to get killed , seriously ? (Archived)dealaday11/26/2013
How to diamond weapons? Do you need to prestige them? (Archived)dealaday31/26/2013
SnD kinda bugged now. (Archived)ih0tfirei71/26/2013
So the DLC is out or whatever. (Archived)NiNtEnDoMaNiAc121/26/2013
On page 1 of this forum... (Archived)I_End_Zombies41/26/2013
Heavy penetration? (Archived)EridKaiser31/26/2013
Tips for using the S12? (Archived)
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W00t! Now we have more maps to lag around! (Archived)TJ_UNLIMITED71/26/2013
I payed 60 dollars for this game, and it should be illegal for them to change it (Archived)
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so what bugs / problems consist after the patch? (Archived)MrArgoG21/26/2013
Would a 55 inch TV be too big? (Archived)
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Does that mean they fixed functional ADS delay? (Archived)fatclemenza61/26/2013
The Ar's are better than the smgs now. (Archived)ih0tfirei41/26/2013
update question about zombies (Archived)BillyBob100021/26/2013
IXI Clan (Archived)uberphenom41/26/2013
Updated my game, NAT is now stuck in 'moderate'. Tried resetting router/turn off (Archived)ICantNameGud91/26/2013
Servers Down? Anyone else having problems after update? (Archived)Redsandwitch31/26/2013
So I had a pretty insane "small world" experience on XBL, seriously weird! (Archived)ICantNameGud41/26/2013
Why did they nerf the lodestar so bad (Archived)
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