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Why isn't it 5 vs 5 ? (Archived)ReTouchable41/26/2013
Who else is gonna main the executioner now? :D (Archived)srsgamer8751/26/2013
Trying to figure out why people would play modes other than NT 24/7. (Archived)
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Am I the only one not able to get on the servers on XBL since the update? (Archived)ZOMGIshlz31/26/2013
How about dat Livestream? (Archived)DirrtyRockstarr91/26/2013
Have they messed around with the combat record? (Archived)SPARTAN-03421/26/2013
As much as I try not to admit it... (Archived)
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"New" Stuff (Archived)StigmaStyle101/26/2013
QBB is going to be so popular (Archived)oblivious2life41/26/2013
So any stats on what the new LMG ADS time is? (Archived)Aether_Lyric21/26/2013
Why are my teammates always mentally handicapped? (Archived)InvalidMod31/26/2013
executioner got a buff. Who else will be lol'ing with this gun now? (Archived)KeshaIsMyLove21/26/2013
What do you call the 870? (Archived)
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Head Glitching (Archived)allaboutjosh1421/26/2013
I have been at 7/10 ronin for the fhj for some time now... (Archived)CatholicPriest741/26/2013
Please! Make the 'NEW' sign go away! (Archived)DarkHiei31/26/2013
Goodbye auto FAL users (Archived)
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so, um; hey girls, did you know...? (Archived)angrybirdsdude61/26/2013
Just got notified to download a 32MB update... what is it? (Archived)CommanderF9agy41/26/2013
dumb question (Archived)zaptrap31/26/2013
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