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The dinosaur rumor isnt really dinosaurs is it. (Archived)pyrokinesis66631/26/2013
so maybe there is still hope for the zombies community (Archived)XT3M381/26/2013
can you do the nuketown easteregg in public (Archived)animalswillrule91/26/2013
Still convinced that weapon aiming is smoothest in CoD (on console) (Archived)
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13 point system > 10 point system? (Archived)
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What game mode to play to maximize double xp. (Archived)
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sigh...really nerdy question :P (Archived)
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I love the MTAR and I have no idea why. (Archived)
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Why does nuketown 24/7 have to be a moshpit? (Archived)CatholicPriest741/26/2013
Here's what black ops and black ops 2 did for me (Archived)Haahahaha31/26/2013
I can't take all these butthuggers on this game that run around maps together (Archived)
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If I use 'fresh start' ( reset stats ) do I lose my camo's? (Archived)Perfect_flame91/25/2013
What's the point of picking up the sword in Old Wounds? (Archived)pringlez48751/25/2013
anyone else having server issues? (really, really bad lag) (Archived)iamgash41/25/2013
Server not available (Archived)billableskills31/25/2013
Is Steven the show the most underrated top player on this board? (Archived)
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airtanks arent in black ops 2 because they are to over powered (Archived)SupremeArticle21/25/2013
It's a shame that you can't play Search and Destroy on Nuketown 2025. (Archived)Zeebfrog71/25/2013
Prestige master is like going to the pro bowl (Archived)Rastalicious31/25/2013
Zombie Weapons (Archived)
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