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Arst ye turmoiled in thine nether region, brethren? (Archived)BeastlyIguana31/24/2013
Why do People Wait Until their 3-22 to Leave the Game? (Archived)Jonnywestside91/24/2013
Why is a longshot with a sniper rifles closer than a longshot with a combat axe? (Archived)imthestuntman61/24/2013
Just got Diamond LMGs. (Archived)
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Nuketown makes teamwork with randoms so easy (Archived)Cow King11/24/2013
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This board moves too fast (Archived)
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what good is quick revive on solo tranzit? (Archived)Buddha118751/24/2013
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Getting a 2.00 + k/d is like going out with a Victoria's Secret Model... (Archived)
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Hit 10th prestige. I reset stats to unlock everything, but got sent to lvl 1 (Archived)
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The peacekeeper (Archived)AU_Mister18731/24/2013
I recorded someone "hacking" the game (Archived)
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Just beat the campaign on vet (Archived)iNikeOne21/24/2013
Anyone here have master killer or care to offer tips? (Archived)bladeofice71/24/2013
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why the hate for PDW large MAG (Archived)
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