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what would happen if america banned call of duty? (Archived)
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I got hit with a flash grenade in kill confirmed (Archived)
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What gun(s) are you going to use this double XP+What prestige are you aiming for (Archived)vetsniper2291/24/2013
Question about quitting (Archived)v473921/24/2013
Why doesn't CoD have a one in the chamber mechanic? (Archived)BeastlyIguana61/24/2013
So, if I've got diamond shotguns, and they add one in an update..... (Archived)Chadaarnook31/24/2013
Finally golded the M1216.... (Archived)Cheko201551/24/2013
Was in a game, kept dying randomly, and my team wouldn't go to B. (Archived)ihaveyahoorares71/24/2013
itt:: I knew I was dead when... (Archived)
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Post your top 5 guns and your K/D (Archived)
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Wake up early tomorrow morning before 10am. (Archived)
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Post your top 10 guns and if you wipe front to back or back to front... (Archived)AWarAmp8491/24/2013
Gamefaqs clan? (Archived)
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If someone uses the Riot Shield glitch (Archived)Legit_Allmighty61/24/2013
Looking for people to play with/clan. (Archived)
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Anyone want to get a clan together? (Archived)Eagles93121/24/2013
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If I bought a new hard drive... (Archived)MrBombasticaI51/24/2013
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