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Toughness on Hardcore (Archived)Fvlakng51/24/2013
"Reconnecting to Party" (Archived)Teh_5_Starz31/24/2013
k/d in kill confirmed (Archived)
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i run hardwire in hardcore (Archived)xnxbxax21/24/2013
C/D It's always bad players that accuse of hacking (Archived)Titanbaseball21/24/2013
Flack jacket should work like mw2 blast shield (Archived)animalswillrule81/24/2013
For the next CoD, what if they included Killstreaks in the Pick 10? (Archived)a_fartn_Spartan101/24/2013
Your best M8A1 class? (Archived)AaronHutch61/24/2013
anyone wanna help me get zombie achievements? (Archived)iNikeOne21/24/2013
Best community ever. (Archived)
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Still haven't died. (Archived)
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Emblems and clan tags look great on shotguns and smgs. Why not LMG's? (Archived)murdokthegreat31/24/2013
Millimeter scanner as a perk (Archived)animalswillrule41/24/2013
LSAT+targetfinder+stock+quickdraw .. and WHAT !!!! (Archived)
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Who is good at this game (Archived)Haahahaha71/24/2013
Can't put clan tag on weapon? (Archived)Lerp8591/24/2013
Call of Duty and Medal of Honor banned in Pakistan (Archived)
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Pdw...? (Archived)Ragnarok022041/24/2013
Anyone use the PDW? (Archived)Juzten7651/24/2013
Sizing up your opponents (watching theater) (Archived)
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