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I hereby petition to make "Offensive Emblems" topics considered off topic (Archived)
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Score Per Minute? (Archived)FlamingRasengan71/24/2013
Next CoD should make all perks and weapons available from the start. (Archived)
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Prestige 12 emblem revealed, whether accidentally idk (Archived)XLegionDoom420X31/24/2013
Pos your OVERKILL setups (Archived)
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The next CoD needs to continue the camo train and let us decorate skill streaks. (Archived)
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What do you want to see in the revolution dlc? (Archived)iBlackice2541/24/2013
It never occured to me till now. (Archived)Majik2531/24/2013
Finally!!! I have a Gold Combat Knife. (Archived)bladessx61921/24/2013
I just discovered the best use for emp nades yet. (Archived)Majik2531/24/2013
Headshots for Diamond Pistols done. (Archived)Majik2551/24/2013
Most embarrassing gun to be killed with (Archived)aj4x9471/24/2013
Anyone else unable to post on activisions forums? (Archived)KILLSTREAK41/24/2013
Can you create a "wall" of planted assault shields? (Archived)thediaoman71/24/2013
Go home RPG, you're drunk! (Archived)Painflow20541/24/2013
Look sensitivity (Poll)
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They really ought to just lump in hardwired benefits with cold blooded (Archived)
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This irks me to no end. (Archived)TheBlueDeath21/24/2013
Do you hate Hijacked? (Archived)lllPride81/24/2013
What rustles your jimmies? (Archived)
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