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Doing 9/10ths of the work for your team. (Archived)
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Ive had to work 14 hr days every single double XP weekend. (Archived)2200rms71/23/2013
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Steven the Show is the best player on the black ops 2 board (Archived)
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4 types of enemies to be aware of (Archived)Cow King101/23/2013
Are some of you playing the game because you enjoy it or are you playing (Archived)Lord_TenseEye61/23/2013
Well I was going to go for diamond camos for the shotguns but the m1216 has me.. (Archived)
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'next generation' game engine (Archived)v_Sly_v41/23/2013
Guy in FFA accused me of hacking when I shot down his Hellstorm (Archived)Model_Omega11/23/2013
Hypothetically speaking: If the netcode didn't suck.... (Archived)
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honestly, snipers should be removed from this game. (Archived)
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Never have I missed perks and attachments more (Archived)
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Easy way to survive Dogs. (Archived)
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C/D they should buff the Black Hat so it doesn't make announcements to enemies. (Archived)
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Anyone else have the their best games when using terrible weapons? (Archived)LuIzalot11/23/2013
best class setup for getting bloodthirsty medals with pistols (Archived)ebraz8371/23/2013
Does anyone else find Fast Hands bad? (Archived)
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Fixing Hardwired (Poll)
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post K/D, Favorite gun, and current hair style (Archived)
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