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Convince me HK-Hellstorm-Lightning Strike is NOT the best scorestreak trio (Archived)
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When the FAL gets nerfed to all hell so many of you are going to become crap LOL (Archived)
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So, are the "broken cameras" fixable? (Archived)
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Youtubers: Do you have an different persona for your vids? (Archived)
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BO2 Needs patches!!!! (Archived)
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So how can the burst shotgun be buffed (Archived)
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Anyone else hoping to master prestiege this weekend with double xp? (Archived)POWERSLAVE_81571/23/2013
I always get compliments on my emblem. (Archived)
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i got killed by a grenade... because it fell on my back... wtf... o.O; (Archived)
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Videogames and porn make you depressed,sad and lonely but BO2 is the worst! (Archived)sgr871/23/2013
I can't be the only one (Archived)SergioMach5101/23/2013
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Yo what's your k/d bro!?! lobby leaderboard bro... (Archived)
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