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Which of the 2 Twitter guy did/do ya prefer? Vonderhaar or JD2020 And why? (Poll)
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"Lag comp" (Archived)
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I am looking for a clan!! Someone adopt me...wait are there clans in this game? (Archived)maxthef1asher41/22/2013
So im playing some TDM, and a glitched Prestige Master joins the game........... (Archived)
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Best killstreaks for hardcore? AKA how to not kill your team and get kicked? (Archived)
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anybody up for the easter egg (Archived)kidbuu7411/22/2013
If it wasn't for (Archived)forgotten028521/22/2013
Just got 21 kills with a sentry gun on KC carrier. (Archived)xnxbxax91/22/2013
Does the Peacekeeper cost an unlock point? (Archived)Drag_ZERO41/22/2013
Why is my NAT moderate now? (Archived)
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Nuketown is the worse map ever (Archived)
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nerf topic (Archived)AU_Mister187101/22/2013
If IW pulls a "Bad Company" on the next CoD, there is potential for many jokes (Archived)A Monster31/22/2013
Black Ops News 1/22 (Archived)
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Could someone help me with a problem? (Archived)AshAcrimonious41/22/2013
Whats your most WTF?! death? (Archived)
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zombies idea (Archived)animalswillrule21/22/2013
Scorestreaks: is there a perfect setup? (Archived)murdokthegreat31/22/2013
FFA 30 points with only 29 kills? (Archived)Lerp8541/22/2013
do you change your sensitivity when you snipe? (Archived)
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