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Life with diamonds... (Archived)
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Picked up someone's diamond sniper. (Archived)Net Shark91/22/2013
POLL: Would using Extended Clip + Fast Mags be OP? (Poll)ImTooSkilledd91/22/2013
Tips for Turbine? I can't get a rhythm on the map. (Archived)
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black ops 2 is a good game (Archived)Sexy_Magikarp61/22/2013
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There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than playing Domination w/ randoms. (Archived)
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Do you guys burst the AN-94 or hold the trigger down? (Archived)
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Why is it that if you have a form of "legit" in your name... (Archived)
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Got an idea for a fun game mode. (Archived)
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Best of (Archived)NoPieLimit11/22/2013
How often do you play Black Ops II now? (Archived)
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Is there a point to running Sentry/Guardian on Hijack/Nuketown VS EMP Spam? (Archived)
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Cow King141/22/2013
Guerilla warfare? (Archived)
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high rounds tranzit in 20 minutes (Archived)XxOblivion7711/22/2013
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AN 94 is a big piece of **** (Archived)
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