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Stock is the most overrated attachment in Call of Duty history (Archived)
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i think this is the best call of duty ever despite the lag.... (Archived)
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How many times have you died to your own swarm? (Archived)shadowsofdawn41/21/2013
Who's better. A solo player with a 2.0 or a player who always plays in a party.. (Archived)
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Which part of revolution are you looking forward to the most (Poll)
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The amount of people who spawn trap and think they're good at the game. (Archived)
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What's the worst Zombie map in BO2? (Archived)
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The "special" DLC weapon added to the game should be... (Archived)shadowsofdawn71/21/2013
Just tried the shield for the first time. (Archived)Net Shark41/21/2013
Your best/most effective/highest KDr custom class set up. (Archived)mattagascar81/21/2013
How can I make the Type 25 usable? (Archived)
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It's the FROG!!!! (Archived)
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