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you'll be able to use the Peacekeeper if you play with friends whithout the DLC (Archived)uchihajuan17621/22/2013
Graph showing which killstreaks are the most efficient to use. (Archived)
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when can we expect nuketown to be on every play list? (Archived)
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Got my first FHJ (Stinger) kill (Archived)Gallis_OTK41/22/2013
The XPR seems more Consistent for OHKs than the Ballista (Archived)Jonnywestside101/22/2013
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The target finder only helps with two types of people (Archived)
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FINALLY!!! FIRST TIME EVER!!! I Have A 1.00 K/D =) (Archived)
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Does anyone have info about the patch being released alongside the map pack? (Archived)Frost_Ryans41/22/2013
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You know, people enjoy CoD in different ways. (Archived)motoraptor71/22/2013
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What's your strategy? on hijack? (Archived)
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Level 19 Nuketown Zombies (Archived)
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Using your Killstreaks on the second round of domination. (Archived)Cow King31/22/2013
Allied Randoms easier to track in Nuketown and Hijacked. (Archived)Cow King11/22/2013
Have you ever killed yourself to avoid dying ? (Archived)
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Help a bro out with all the GT's of the best on this board. (Archived)
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