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Help a bro out with all the GT's of the best on this board. (Archived)
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Lauren Bacall of Duty (Archived)dxy59241/22/2013
60-3 with 6 Captures (3 B Caps) & 10 Defends (Archived)theLongR0D11/22/2013
What's your top 3 guns in bo2? (Archived)
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SMAW Impact Kills (Archived)Zombie262681/22/2013
The reason your team is getting destroyed in objectives is not the guy killing (Archived)
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Why did they ruin the 'fun' games. Gun Game / Stick Stones etc (Archived)adeel51/22/2013
When I see a teammate approaching behind me on my radar... (Archived)shadowsofdawn61/22/2013
Was there a Select Fire nerf I wasn't aware of? When was it and what did it do? (Archived)DepreceV251/22/2013
Best Sounding AR (Archived)bumper91141/22/2013
Anyone know the next bonus Xp weekend? (Archived)karmaapain71/22/2013
Regarding the Zielinski tweet (zombies)(also kinda old) (Archived)SST_Forever91/22/2013
Just got a Swarm with no kills.. (Archived)
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Rapid kill and quad feed challenges help? (Archived)bladeofice61/22/2013
What do ya think the "Dino" thing will be in the next Patch? (Archived)
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Chain killer challenge does not complete for the lower challenges. (Archived)The_Last_Azn81/22/2013
Choose 10 vs classic class set up. (Archived)
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Triple cap challenge (Archived)justindmoody41/22/2013
Solution to Tac Inserts (Poll)
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I played TDM for the first time in months. (Archived)ihaveyahoorares71/22/2013