Paladin camo? WHY?

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User Info: mkshifteuphoria

3 years ago#1
*sigh...the only camo I wanted was Dragon. The Paladin one looks terrible. Of course PC is the only platform where we get it instead.

At least I save $2 for something else I guess.

EDIT: Ok, I take that back, the Paladin camo actually looks pretty sweet on some weapons, especially the AN-94. Still would have preferred Dragon over Cyborg though.

User Info: Unusual_Rex

3 years ago#2
I suppose I'm one of the lucky guys haha. I got the two camos I wanted.

IMHO I thought dragon kinda looked lame. However Comic was by far the worst.

User Info: Golden Chocobo

Golden Chocobo
3 years ago#3
I voted for cyborg and regretted it after watching some x360 videos of it, makes you look like you're carrying a glow stick. So I'm glad paladin won, as it was my second choice. Dragon in my opinion is one of the worst along with bacon and diamond.

User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#4
Is that what the ridiculous looking guns today have been about? Was beginning to think my nvidia drivers were off.
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User Info: GiantHaystacks

3 years ago#5
Oh, I -love- the pretentious Paladin skin. It's nice enough to make me sacrifice my hard won diamond skins. :)

I was disappointed with the cyborg one, though.
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