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is this game good on pc? (Archived)
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Is there anyway to play this without having to install SP/ZM (Archived)sonic_rockz24/23/2013
new to cod (Archived)MOH_TIER144/23/2013
Hate it when noobs call MW2 the best COD game... (Archived)
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Had a question regarding the Multiplayer for Black Ops 2..... (Archived)ghostwarrior7994/17/2013
Dlc help? (Archived)vigoroiscool12344/16/2013
Is the game any better now? (Archived)
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New patch out. Woohoo (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band74/13/2013
More Prestiges? (Archived)redsox129234/12/2013
I want to be a pc gamer, i'm playing blacklight retribution, compared to CoD? (Archived)KillerzOverHere74/11/2013
MW2 now an example of clean gaming compared to BOII (Archived)
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Gameplay Analysis featuring player BDaught, playing HQ on Nuketown (Archived)Aceroth924/9/2013
Can't connect to game now :( (Archived)shuin_exe44/6/2013
Is it just me or audio is the absolute worst in gaming history? (Poll)Parham6674/5/2013
sorry...... (Archived)thebladeofwoe74/5/2013
Anyone want to do the High Maintenance Achievement? XBOX Gamers only! (Archived)3DSGuy34/5/2013
New DLC (Archived)GiantHaystacks34/4/2013
Failed Missions (Archived)papaya14/4/2013
Maybe I've been lucky, but... (Archived)CardigansFan24/3/2013
Friend and I can't connect. (Archived)
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