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3 years ago#1
I like that they are putting it in the second era, so it won't interfere with the current storylines. I also kind of like that it's a different company, so that we'll get a different perspective.

My main gripe, and I know it comes off as a bit petty, is that it apparently takes place all over Tamriel. I don't know how in depth it will be, but I think doing this will take away some of the allure of wherever ES6 will take place. I think a big part (though not all) of the hype around Skyrim was that we were being introduced to a new setting we haven't seen before. If ES6 takes place in Hammerfell or Elsweyr or whatever, we'll just be seeing a redesign of a place we've already been to (and no, I'm not counting Arena and Daggerfall). I know the era is different, but it's still not the same.

I'll get over it of course, but now I wonder if people will actually expect ES6 to be all of Tamriel.
3 years ago#2
You have to remember it takes place int he past, even the desert of elsweyr could have new settlements and different culture by the time period in the new elder scrolls.
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