Anyone Else Having Login Problems?

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2 years ago#1
I have the Digital Download preorder. When I try to log on it says information incorrect. I even went back and changed my password thinking I had to update it. Still says information incorrect. Any Ideas?
2 years ago#2
I'm getting the EXACT same problem! I got so excited to play this and now I'm really pissed off! I'd expect bugs on the first day but a bug like this is ridiculous!!
2 years ago#3
And I can't even log in to the damn support forum because I don't have some stupid initiation code.
2 years ago#4
I've just spoken with one of the support guys, he escalated the issue and he said he'd call me back.
2 years ago#5
i have same promblem i start launch and i updated it and still wont run, so if you hear anything pls post so we can play game
2 years ago#6
This is so ridiculous! How are the bugs now THREE TIMES WORSE than they were in the last 2 betas combined????
2 years ago#7
i talked to some1 from support and they are sending me a list of things that should make game run, i was in the middle of reinstalling so i couldnt do what he said so when i get email from them i will post it so that might help others
2 years ago#8
Just wondering, do the rest of you guys use Avast Antivirus?
2 years ago#9
i use avg
2 years ago#10
I'm having the same problem. Has anyone figured out a way to fix this?
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