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So I just finished Dawnguards main quest. What should I do now? (Archived)DarkOceanNights48/11/2012
At fort Dawnguard (Archived)VoidBeyond38/10/2012
This Impatience Of A Saint quest is killing me. (Archived)oldschooldogy18/8/2012
Death Hounds bugged? (Archived)Niedergang18/8/2012
Epic magical glitch...*possible spoilers*(unlikely) (Archived)misterjaywalwer28/8/2012
Words can't describe how disappointed I am after finishing Lost To The Ages. (Archived)oldschooldogy28/7/2012
Vampire eyes not taking effect? (spoilers) (Archived)Omni_Snake58/7/2012
Is there no limit to how high you can raise your armor rating? (Archived)oldschooldogy88/6/2012
I used to be a Vampire Lord like you... (Spoiler) (Archived)Slim_Ghost38/5/2012
Do you get any new companions in Dawnguard? (Archived)SheenaTheWomanizer38/5/2012
Can we defeat Alduin in Vampire Lord form? (Archived)Solidus197828/5/2012
Is it true that you can change back into a werewolf after completing Dawnguard? (Archived)xbx_gamer28/5/2012
Is this dlc worth getting (Archived)Tropicaltiger78/4/2012
Ebony shield - vampire glitch.. (Archived)baurus35s38/3/2012
No use for soul gem fragments still? (Archived)Sheevauser0158/3/2012
Where do I find the last Aetherium Shard in the Lost To The Ages quest? (Archived)oldschooldogy38/2/2012
** SPOILERS ** last quest for vl (Archived)Zombicide28/1/2012
I'm finally learning how to make weapons with ridiculous stats. (Archived)oldschooldogy78/1/2012
How do I use special skills as a Werewolf / Vampire Lord? (Archived)agentpheonix27/31/2012
What happens when you?... (Archived)pdwhf47/30/2012
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