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So you can side with the DG and still be a VL? (Archived)DanteDemonBlood37/28/2012
Soul Cairn map (Archived)nowamurderer17/28/2012
I like the way Serana acts somewhat autonomously now. The next step, IMO . (Archived)VasDeferens57/28/2012
for the legend achievement (Archived)CLN17/27/2012
How come im being attacked every time enter Dawnguard Castle? (Archived)KarlChurch47/27/2012
I can't believe this insane difficulty of Lost To The Ages. (Archived)oldschooldogy77/27/2012
Human Form and VL powers.. (Archived)baurus35s57/27/2012
What happens if I let Serana turn me? probably spoilers (Archived)Mavestino37/25/2012
Any of you know when the PS3 and PC will get Dawnguard? (Archived)chughes72477/25/2012
When do I get to shoot the sun with Auriels bow (Archived)swifty3127/25/2012
Does this add any features that will make the regular game better? (Archived)Mista_M57/24/2012
What's the most boring side quest in this game to everyone? (Archived)oldschooldogy87/24/2012
VL melee question (Archived)Prometheus0847/24/2012
Good dragonborn going bad, becoming VL. (Archived)
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Storage in Castle Volkihar safe to use? (Archived)elinlove277/24/2012
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