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Good dragonborn going bad, becoming VL.
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Storage in Castle Volkihar safe to use?elinlove277/24/2012
Do you prefer VL or Werewolf?ZackAttack279287/24/2012
***SPOILER*** What should I do with the Elder Scrolls?oldschooldogy57/24/2012
A way for VL to pass through doorsKaiserAfini37/23/2012
Vampire Lord ArmorJordanB50047/22/2012
Should I start a new game for Dawngaurd?Wasted85409167/22/2012
Darkfall passage helpkingnahum1727/22/2012
Soul Cairn should have had Fargoth and Adoring Fan tooVasDeferens47/21/2012
Why can't I get my quest from Feran Sadri?ThatGuyOverDer87/21/2012
I don't think I can play as a Vampire Lord.oldschooldogy97/21/2012
which Daedric lord rules over the soul carin? possible spoilers!monsterslayer1057/21/2012
Quest asking me to follow Isran but nothing happening.McMarcus0037/20/2012
ancient falmer helmWeAreTheLazyGen27/20/2012
After I finish the main quest in Dawnguard if I choose to become a VL....oldschooldogy27/20/2012
What the hell? I can't find Serana anywhere. She just disappeared. ***Spoiler***oldschooldogy27/20/2012
Becoming a vampire ***Major Spoiler***oldschooldogy27/19/2012
Bethesda should have put more quest in the Forgotten Vale areakernal2237/19/2012
I really can't believe they still haven't patched the bound batleaxe glitch.oldschooldogy27/19/2012
It's about time we got some good dogs on this game.oldschooldogy37/19/2012
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