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User Info: forevernight83

4 years ago#1
I play lotc more than I do rob so looking trading to be done

Rob cards I have to give.
HR - berserker
HR - ifrit
R - high demon
R - Agni
R - Phoenix x2
R- pegasus knight
R - high pixie
R - high ninja
R- knight luciella

That's list all I will give away depends on offer from loct , my usernames are Hades666 lotc and Hades360 rob so get in touch and be fair

User Info: shadow_mp5

4 years ago#2
I'll trade you 17 energy drinks, and 14 power potions for your ifrit and luciella.
A7X 4 life, R.I.P Jimmy The Rev Sullivan.

User Info: TheReem

4 years ago#3
Looking to cross trade ROB rares (mostly god and human rares) for LOC forest rares. My ID for ROB is AlistairOvereem and my ID for LOC is Overeem.

User Info: localizedfreedo

4 years ago#4
What cards are you looking for in LoC? I'm interested in Ifrit, and my brother has a strong LOC acct and would happily trade for me.
GT: StrngArmAlchmst : IGN: yahiko76
Make me a furnace of destruction and pain, living Hatred.

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