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User Info: SS4Gohan1

4 years ago#1
I would like to stop playing summoner and i went to trade all my cards for cards and items in LoC. My User name is SS4Gohan1

LV 20 Rot Cast AA
LV 40 Moonlight Selene A
Lewd Twist Lologi A
White Winged Oracle A
Scorn Black Wing A+
Pure Dark Embodiment A
Firebrand Demon A
LV 41 Ring Dragon A+
LV 42 Cruel Black Wings A+

LV 12 Tiamut A+
LV 1 Lust Trap Necromancer A

User Info: SS4Gohan1

4 years ago#2
I would like to trade for Rares and URs and items. Just be far.

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