Getting the Collectors Edition?

#1Ivyblade80Posted 8/7/2012 7:29:20 PM(edited)
I plan on getting it. Its the same price as a normal 3ds game from what i heard. Also to those that dont know the collecters edition is Steelbook packaging decorated like the Enchiridion, a book in the Adventure Time series. A custom stylus modeled after Finnís golden sword,An exclusive art book and activity book, and a fold-out poster of the Land of Ooo
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#2Shiny-LitwickPosted 8/7/2012 8:48:29 PM
Yeah I am also buying it. :]
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#3KGTriggerPosted 8/7/2012 10:15:17 PM
Apparently I am. I didn't even realize that was what I preordered.
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#4PerfectinsanityPosted 8/8/2012 10:55:23 AM
Yup, paid in full the day I found out about it.
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#5armorforvictorPosted 8/8/2012 2:42:21 PM
got the DS CE version pre-ordered on amazon can't wait for this it will actually make me play my DS again.
#6FireKatKidPosted 8/22/2012 5:21:08 PM
My 3ds is going to be globs more mathematical soon enough.
#7FullMetalPanicPosted 8/27/2012 7:44:27 PM
for an extra $10? Why not?
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