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4 years ago#1
I just went through the checklist and I'm sure I got all the Wizard Star chests. Is there ANYTHING else I need to get for 100%? This didn't happen on my first run through.
4 years ago#2
Same thing happened to me. I forgot about the one chest in Tomb Dungeon that you needed the fist pound to get.

It's entirely based on chest/story progression.
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4 years ago#3
There are a few treasure chests that contain things other than Wizard Stars, and they're apparently still required to get the percentage completion. I guess somebody should document where all those chests are next.
The Other Thundergod
4 years ago#4
My guide contains all the treasure chest locations. They're not listed all in one place, but you can CTRL+F search "treasure chest" to find them all within the walkthrough.
4 years ago#5
That was it! I had missed the treasure chest in the Candy Kingdom behind the chest with the downward thrust.

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