Anybody got a clue on this game at all?

#1MarthApprenticePosted 12/1/2012 4:19:56 PM
It seem so... Hidden. I wouldn't have known about it if I didn't see it on the upcoming releases list. It does sound pretty damn cool, just hope it's as good as I'd imagine...

Who wouldn't want to be a stealthy vampire assassin? C'mon, really.
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#2DarquePosted 12/2/2012 1:48:22 PM
Wish we had more info.
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#3rerechanPosted 12/9/2012 4:56:57 AM
Difficult to find news about this game with such a simple single word title....
Anyway from videos and images it seems too much "urban"...
Plus, better they put a female vampire as character or I'd prefer to play again Blood Rayne 2...