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StickyDo not mass bump your threads, and posting referral codes is not permitted. (Sticky)Error1355 (M)18/9/2012
Trading Ederon account/cards (VRs/Rs) for RoB HP and Man Legends/XLegends (Archived)Manyangryninjas17/16 4:09AM
Max Base Ephemeral Kaguya for sale (Archived)Jayelx16/26 12:03PM
Lf: Albert the Courageous (Archived)Stinnett21316/13 6:10PM
We are recruiting! (Archived)nrx98115/10 7:47PM
Getting Nano Card??? (Archived)Bubbleberry_VIl15/6 8:36PM
1k sta acct with 500+ minis and personal hp lf order for next event (Archived)Jayelx14/29 6:53PM
My loc for your rob (Archived)Chappell2314/20 3:48AM
Your rob for my GC (Archived)Marcius6523/24 8:30PM
Trading King Arthur for another Man SSR (Archived)atracaries13/13 6:17PM
Help pleaserino (Archived)arcadia2212/28 3:20PM
Trading my Guardian Cross stuff for your RoB (Archived)IgnaciouZz12/27 4:10AM
Trading Legend of the Cryptids cards for Rob (Archived)Batibat12/25 8:24PM
2 ways to pool hp for cards faster. Need opinions (Archived)dms77nt21/21 7:51AM
Fellows please (Archived)insomniak9911/10 4:09PM
Recruting - Realm of Demons (Archived)Darkspace101212/26 5:38PM
Rage of Bahamut vs Marvel War of Heroes vs Legend of Cryptids (Archived)Zyx-Whitewind112/26 6:57AM
Wtb Abyss Avenger base (Archived)kulam112/15 12:42AM
Selling Europas X 4 (Archived)sexy1575111/24 9:54PM
WTB FF Summertime Temptress Vampire (Archived)PspFAN_XD111/15 9:07AM
My base stats 130/128!! looking for a new order!! Attack me sigmachibeta! (Archived)KheartbooFF4Evr111/11 1:12PM
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