Do not mass bump your threads, and posting referral codes is not permitted.

#1Error1355(Moderator)Posted 8/9/2012 7:02:17 PM
I have seen a trend here where users are also mass bumping their threads over and over again the a 'bump' or 'up' message. This is disruptive to do constantly.

You are allowed to bump a thread two, maybe three times in a row. If your topic does not get any replies after two or three bumps, let the thread die.

Also the rules on this site forbid users from using GameFAQs to advertise any form of referral codes. Do not make threads to spam them, do not put them in your signature.

In addition, using this board to make trades for real world money and offering to create (or selling) accounts for users is strictly forbidden.

Thank you for your time.
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