Dark Dragoon, ff Suthek, Tiamat ft

#1zoolerinskiPosted 10/4/2012 1:20:09 AM

want to trade a Dark Dragoon for 4 Sephiroth (Sephiroth is like 110 hp atm in Bazaar) or 2 raphs. No hp trade.

Base Tia for your sephiroth.

FF Suthek is skill 1 and i want 900 hp for it.

Offers in pm plz.
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If you drop your sut price a bit I'll buy it but 900s too much. I seen higher skills going for 850
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hmm, offer plz. Base sut is going for 200 so 4 suts are 800 and the b***lvls up to 100. I am open for card trades if u have a raph a would do raph and 550.