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straight swap of my ax master for equivalent in demon realm (Archived)leito_zKz18/10/2012
Last chance to join Phantom Requiem [RANK 140] heading for 100. (Archived)ExOmnislash18/10/2012
S> Clean Chimera and Rares for HP (Archived)M00CH1348/10/2012
Selling many rares cards, come on guys!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)tupac6218/10/2012
Mass CHEAP HR and R - Claymore (Archived)panddg58/10/2012
selling 4-6 principality and Rahu Looking for 1 max enhanced cybele (Archived)bobbycutts58/10/2012
M Golem and Inu cheap! 25 and 26 hp (Archived)donnychaos58/10/2012
Buying treasure HRs with HP! (Archived)donnychaos18/10/2012
Selling 8-14 skill 10 Master gunner (Archived)Multi71348/10/2012
Selling 8-14 ax, paladin, dancing prin, vamp lord and more (Archived)chinoreyhazards28/10/2012
SR Temp Vamp, Ark, maya, Princi, lovely elf for sale!! (Archived)Tkhaley2378/10/2012
Cheap maxed master gunner for sale (Archived)Thundermord38/10/2012
Selling Holy wars HR!! Look here (Archived)Hsouiri18/10/2012
Selling SR/HR and Rares (Archived)iTofu7968/10/2012
Selling princi ifrit ilmatar neira sektor luci mino and more HRs (Archived)sunnaayy18/10/2012
Buying 2 wraith (Archived)cho9d28/10/2012
Does anyone need a Clean Master Gunner? Just offer me. ign:rthiphav (Archived)pboy91618/10/2012
Buying Max Aresx1, Max Maya and Max Cybele (Archived)iTofu7948/10/2012
Selling hr for Hp (Archived)Verseview158/10/2012
buying feeders skilled hn 2hp or 200 k rupies (Archived)bobbycutts18/10/2012
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