Encountered a Visual Glitch on Grannies World Tour 8-bit

#1allstar64Posted 2/9/2014 4:52:22 PM
So I thought I'd share with you guys a visual glitch that I stumbled upon (but sadly can no longer repeat).

So you know how on Grannies World Tour 8-bit near the end the screen splits into 16 x 16 tiny screens and then returns you to 1 big screen while going through the end? Well my screen didn't return me to 1 big screen. In fact it remained 16 x 16 tiny screens through the "tallying the lums" scoring section. At the time it was my first time playing Grannies 8-bit so I figured the developers had done it on purpose cause it created this really neat collage effect. In fact the Lucky Ticket, Bronze, Silver, and Gold cup still appeared in the center of the screen as my lums were being tallied like normal so I thought that there was nothing wrong and my game exited the level just fine. I even played the level a few more times and the exact same thing happened.

Then after turning my game off and back on again I beat the level again and this time my 16 x 16 screens returned to 1 normal one at the correct time. Naturally I was very surprised so I checked out a video online to see which was right. As of now when I beat it my screen behaves correctly so I have 0 evidence that the glitch occurred but I thought I'd share it anyway.
#2MetaFalconPunchPosted 3/5/2014 8:09:17 PM
That's really lucky that you had that happen! Wonder what caused it though...
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