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$24.99 new on Black Friday at GameStop. (Archived)
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Anyone else still waiting for that showdown with Mr. Dark? (Archived)Cheyguy12111012/16/2013
Now that I have Legends do I need Origins? (Archived)Billycat512/15/2013
When did you stop walking and start running? *g* (Archived)Johi36312/5/2013
Can I use the normal d-pad on the gamepad, or do I have to use the analog stick? (Archived)slymshady211/23/2013
Rayman Origins or Rayman Legends (Poll)
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Online multiplayer (Archived)digital_western211/21/2013
eShop price drop? (Archived)b_mccardle111/19/2013
Beyond Gaming's Beyond Legendary Tournament! (Archived)longlivemegaman111/16/2013
Those Teensies (Archived)Johi36111/14/2013
There's an infinite wall jump (Archived)Weltall548411/11/2013
Anyone else experiencing problems with there game? (Archived)LightningZombie311/8/2013
can't beat dragon slayer 8bit (Archived)bradhig811/4/2013
Some Lets Play advice? (Archived)PeskyBOI43111/1/2013
My video review of this beautiful game! (Archived)DarthWaddleDoo210/29/2013
This game has the worst servers ever (Archived)kvmer110/29/2013
Wow. Infiltration station invaded shows ubisoft still isn't up to nintendo's (Archived)
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Messages? (Archived)Malek86110/19/2013
Remember the early trailers? (Archived)DanWoods85710/18/2013
Great game, but too easy (Archived)
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