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Love to replay all but the Murphy levels... (Archived)FenDieselLives29/16/2013
IDK How to disable gamepad during singleplayer? (Archived)iiiiiiiiiiiii89/15/2013
Does anyone have an unused Assassin's Creed Barbara code? (Archived)longlivemegaman109/15/2013
I can't go online? (Archived)8_Bit_Boy29/15/2013
Murphy levels?? (Archived)great_gaming29/15/2013
How many invasion levels are there? (Archived)glyde6959/15/2013
Looking for friends to compete with. (Archived)TooTooP219/14/2013
do you want jungle run 2?? (Archived)dumpling32159/14/2013
a somewhat easy way to get 999 lums/1004 lums *spoilers* (Archived)paw-draw-hound99/14/2013
Today's daily (Archived)NutOfDeath19/14/2013
How do i unlock the Mario and Luigi costumes? (Archived)Gustave65259/14/2013
IMO, this game is good, but is being overhyped (Archived)
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Can I be Murphy at any time in multiplayer as the Gamepad? Or is it only in... (Archived)Tsutarja49529/13/2013
any way to play rayman legends without gamepad? (Archived)
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Add me. (Archived)TooTooP239/13/2013
Is the Wii U really the worst version of the game? (Archived)
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Thank you Ubisoft for killing the game's sales. (Archived)VRX300049/13/2013
Not enough Lums (Archived)Metal_Mario9939/12/2013
What Origins levels are NOT in Back to Origins? (Archived)Weltall54899/12/2013
Rayman has a long way to go to be better than the Mario series (Archived)
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