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4 years ago#1
After playing through the demo, I bought it, but the game froze. My characters would jump down into the water, but the camera would not follow them. This happened six or seven times before we got it to actually work. Then, there was some serious slowdown once we started The Twins' portion of the game. So we restarted to see if that fixed it.

Now I get a "disc is unreadable" error whenever I try and load my saved game. So that's just swell. Anybody else having issues?
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4 years ago#2
Wow. That sucks. I hope they release an update. I was enjoying the demo until it glitched and froze my Xbox.
4 years ago#3
Delete and reinstall it. Sounds like something went goofy during the install.
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4 years ago#4
Did that. Even deleted that and a few other things to free up space (hard drive was getting full), then cleared the system cache and installed a bunch of other things (guaranteeing the physical blocks that The Cave was installed on were overwritten with other data, in a kind of home-grown defrag) and then installed the Cave again.

No such luck. It corrupted that specific save with the disc unreadable error. Had to start over. Thankfully, I wasn't that far..
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4 years ago#5
exactly same with the non-moving camera happened to me... on my very first game. had to restart from scratch in the end...

2nd game had to be abandoned when a character somehow got stuck in the floor on the time travel level. no cominbation of suicide and/or restarting would fix it.

3rd game was progressing well until one evening when i got the "disk is corrupt" bug. it just means the save game is busted. no solution, just delete it and start the game AGAIN from scratch. this appears not confined to xbox 360, PS3 owners are also having the same trouble.

it's (by far) the most bug-ridden xbox 360 game i ever played. disgraceful that it was released in the current form
4 years ago#6
Wow...are alot of people having issues like this? I wonder what could differ between all of you and me that I was able to play through it 5 times with no issue what-so-ever...
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