catch finishers?

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User Info: hghgnbnb

4 years ago#1
They're finally including them? what moves will work/what do we know so far? There are probably a few givens: RKO, FU(I refuse to call it the Attitude Adjustment, because, no...), Sweet Chin Music/Superkick, Chokeslam/showstopper
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User Info: HBKHHH246

4 years ago#2
- Go 2 sleep
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User Info: Nightcrawler65

4 years ago#3
Missile dropkick reversed into a Sharpshooter?

I wish.
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User Info: pyrokinesis666

4 years ago#4
in the latest interview with brian williams, he said about half the wrestlers have 1.

User Info: ICEman Morgs

ICEman Morgs
4 years ago#5
I think the Brogue Kick is one as well, but I can't remember if that's been confirmed.
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User Info: hulkhogan1

4 years ago#6
I wonder if we will be able to catch a moonsault with a tombstone piledriver.

User Info: WarGreymon77

4 years ago#7
If Kane's version of the choke slam is a catch finisher, I'm giving it to my big guy... but the X-Factor would be even better.

User Info: The_Pankaker

4 years ago#8
hulkhogan1 posted...
I wonder if we will be able to catch a moonsault with a tombstone piledriver.

While I could see it happening I don't think its possible but I think if this were to actually happen I would probably s**t my pants
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