AE The rock = 3 attires???

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4 years ago#1
I saw this in the screenshots ........he has the tracksuit , a wrestling attire and an alternate wrestling attire ......... In the screenshots he wears 2 different coloured attires with the rock on it and a light blue outline and the other one has an red outline.
4 years ago#2
why are there question marks in your title if what you've said has been confirmed by screenshots

exactly what part of your post is a question
4 years ago#3
Because maybe one of the attires is an superstar threads edited attire.
4 years ago#4
I think one of the attires is an attire created in superstar threads .......because shawn michaels has red tights that also looks just like the default black attire maybe we could use superstar threads' attires in AE mode....
4 years ago#5
I was hoping his Nation of Domination attire would be in the game
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