Which wrestler's theme really gets you pumped up?

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  3. Which wrestler's theme really gets you pumped up?
3 years ago#1
Bret Hart's theme and the Evolution theme do it for me.
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3 years ago#2
Drew McIntyre, too bad WWE doesn't know how to use him and buried him in that terrible 3MB stable.
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3 years ago#3
If you have a problem with potheads, throw your computer out the window right now. Why should you be able leech off the creativity of those you condemn?
3 years ago#4
Cm duck theme and revolution
3 years ago#5
Gamer Tag : CrusnikCain
3 years ago#6
Revolution got me pumped up Pre-Release, but now it just drives me nuts. Good song, too. Bret Hart, CM Punk, and DX's theme get me ready to layeth the Smackdown!
3 years ago#7
lllhouselll posted...
Drew McIntyre, it's great that WWE knows how to use him and pushed him in that amazing 3MB stable.

3 years ago#8
Nope you broke it
Gamer Tag : CrusnikCain
3 years ago#9
Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
Ode To Joy really gets me going.
3 years ago#10
Ken Shamrock. Because it gets me in my zone...
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  3. Which wrestler's theme really gets you pumped up?

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